SFtH: Breastfeeding in Uniform

I’m all for letting women breastfeed in public, but NO.

Bar Tally: 90 Hours


  1. Why not?

    • It’s a matter of professionalism.

      I mean, think of it this way: as a Marine we don’t talk on a cellphone and walk in uniform. We don’t chew gum in uniform. We don’t put our hands in our pockets in uniform. So you gotta imagine that if I’ve drank the Kool-aid enough so that I think holding hands in uniform is bad, I’m not gonna be a fan of flopping a boob out.

      It isn’t vulgar or anything. Just do it in civvies or in private. There’s an image the warfighter needs to project, and the fact that you’re dealing with a woman shouldn’t take away from the image of a motivated killer.

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